About us

Sparkling Events...

After becoming qualified as a tutor and fulfilling a career within this role. I decided to embark on a new career choice, I became a supervisor for a busy function and restaurant venue.

I had the opportunity to set up for different events, mainly weddings being our most popular event, during the set up process, it included arranging all the decorations and having a good eye to detail, making sure the customers were completely happy with the look. I then went into being responsible for the running and organisation of an event from the start to finish, which involved sticking to tight timelines and making sure everything run smoothly for our customers throughout the event.

This inspired me to go further within this career, I enjoyed the creative side you could show, laying out an event to a beautiful standard, the feedback from customers, saying how pleased they are with the entire day going to plan. With this great feeling, I went onto following my dreams and putting together my own business. With my passion and creative touch, I intend to please every customer to a very high standard, making your special event truly magical.