Foliage arrangement for chair decor

June 25, 2018
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July 17, 2018

Foliage arrangement for chair decor

So I put together a small video on how to create a foliage arrangement to sit on the back of a chair! The full video can be seen on my FB page Sparkling Event Hire!

The video wont share uttt ohhhh 🙁 so here is step by step instructions

I used Pistache and Salal mini foliage to create the arrangement, as you only need them for the event, you can use glue and cut away to suit you!

So use 2 or 3 Salal Minis, it doesn’t matter if they are not on a stem, so for the ones that have a stem use this as your base, cut a bunch of Pistache lay it on top and just wrap your twine round and secure with glue. Easy peasy!!! For the Salal Minis that have no stem, use 2 and glue them overlapping slightly, cut a bunch of pistache and this will need to be glued to the middle of the Salal Minis as they have no stem, once secure wrap twine and glue to give it the same look as all the others!!

There you have it foliage chair arrangement :::)))))

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