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June 14, 2018
June 25, 2018

Lets talk favours

So what do we think about favours? Are they a wedding must? Do we feel we have to provide a favour?

Well… Do I think they are a must….. not particularly! However would I have them for my guest’s…… Probably yes!! I guess sometimes tradition can take over! But where to start with favours!!!

I think they should be a personal touch, it doesn’t even have to be expensive! Relate it to both of you either a hobby, interest, something about you as a couple, how you met! So many ways to make it abut you! YES you!! ;)) This could even help you run your theme through out your wedding!

Lets look at some examples, do you like to travel? You could relate it to the countries you have been too, so for a favour have a little suitcase or for something even more different, mini globes have them personalised with the places you have visited, your wedding date and name :))

Are you an outdoors couple? Enjoy gardening maybe? Such a cute idea, mini plant pots with seeds to grow your own love plant (cheesy) ;)) but who don’t love cheese??? Have the pots personalised and they can be kept over a long period of time!

Or you could even have a little flower arrangement sat by your guest names, with a tag on how to dry them out & frame them with the little tag as a reminder of your special day!!


What are your ideas? What did you have?

One thing I would say is do a little research and I can guarantee you will come up with a quirky & unique idea!!


Sarah xxxx


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