June 13, 2018
Lets talk favours
June 18, 2018

Chair decor :)))

So lets talk chair decor :)) How important is it??

Chairs are ranked in the top 5 of decor items most looked at in pictures, by your guests and a main centre attraction at your wedding or event!

Take your time & look into all your options available for chair decor!

For the more fancy, nice looking chairs I recommend finishing them off with chiffon drapes or hoods, if you can stretch your budget add a fresh flower arrangement, foliage arrangement or garland!! Think of that fresh smell your guests will get all day :))

For chairs lets say not so eye catching 😉 put a cover on and use a silk sash or organza sash, finished with a little glitter twig arrangement, little note silk stands out more and has a bolder colour appearance then organza!

Artificial flower arrangements are just as effective, they still give a pretty finish!

Tell us your ideas for chair decor, what has worked?

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